What's wanderlust?

 Wanderlust Granada Tours was created thanks to an adventurous tour guide, with a passion for travel and languages. One day she decided to risk everything for a dream: to show the secrets of the Alhambra and her beautiful city to visitors through guided tours.

Her idea? To provide interesting and engaging tours at prices affordable to everyone!

From that moment, the team has made it its daily mission to achieve the best results, making customer satisfaction its top priority.

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If you are tired of boring tours, come and absorb the Wanderlust spirit!

Do you want to know what drives the Wanderlust spirit?


Because our guides are always striving for personal improvement, wishing to leave customers amazed after every tour by providing complete and diverse information.


They offer own brand tours truly unique to Wanderlust.


They maintain a close relationship with their customers.


They are passionate about their work, conveying this is important to them.


They keep updated to offer the best.


They have fun, and go the extra mile to make sure the customer has fun too.