Please be informed of all the terms and conditions of our company. Wanderlust Granada Tours will not be accountable for the following incidents:

  • Penalties for group members who do not comply with the mandatory standards during the visit to the Alhambra. These are listed on the official website of the board and in the Official visitor’s guide of the Alhambra, located at the entrance to the monument.
  • Cases of forgotten documentation, entrance tickets or if the entrance time to the Nasrid Palaces on your ticket does not coincide with the time of the tour.
  • The loss of personal belongings, cancellations due to bad weather, forced changes to the route, possible heat stroke or injury during the tour.
  • Cases of absence or extended delay of any person with a reservation, who therefore could not join the tour for any circumstance external to the company. In these cases, the amount of the reservation will not be returned.
Norms of the Alhambra


  • Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Please take care of and respect the audio equipment distributed during visit. In the case of breakage due to misuse, the responsible person shall respond financially.

Wanderlust Granada Tours works hard to ensure that no incidents occur during their guided visits, so that everyone can enjoy a positive and professional tour.

Thank you for your cooperation.