The Wanderlust Granada Tours do not include Alhambra tickets, follow the instructions below to buy and collect your tickets.

One person can buy a maximun of 10 tickets per day. Your entrance time to the Nasrid palaces must be strictly respected. Otherwise the right of access is lost without reimbursement.

Ticket price for access to the Alhambra:

  • Alhambra General Ticket: 14 euros.
  • Alhambra Night Ticket (to Nasrid Palaces): 8 euros.

Alhambra tickets example - Wanderlust Granada tours

Buying tickets

Tickets can be bought online ( or by calling 902 888 001. Tickets bought by either of these means will be subject to a handling charge, which is currently 1.40 euros.

Picking up tickets

We recommend you to pick up the ticket the day before the visit.
Tickets purchased online or by telephone can be picked up at the following points::

  • The cash machines (ATMs) of branches of “La Caixa” bank in Andalusia. La Caixa: Calle Gran Vía de Colón, 16,18001 Granada; La Caixa: Calle Recogidas, 50,18002 Granada
  • At the automatic ticket machines at the Alhambra entrance pavilion, using the same credit card used to purchase the tickets.
  • Tickets can also be picked up at the Alhambra ticket offices by presenting either the printed receipt of the reservation or the credit card you used to pay for them. If the reservation is in your name you can also pick up the tickets by giving the reference number and presenting your identity document or passport.
  • At the shop called: Tienda Librería de la Alhambra: Calle Reyes Católicos, 40, 18009 Granada. By presenting the credit card with which the purchase was made online.

All tickets with reduced prices (except for those for children under 12) booked in advance online, by telephone or at the ticket dispensing machines, must be picked up at the Alhambra ticket offices. For this type of ticket it is NECESSARY for you to accredit the conditions that entitle you to the discount.

Bying and picking at the Alhambra

Early in the morning, tickets can be bought on the same day of your visit at the ticket offices or the automatic dispensing machines in the entrance pavilion to the Alhambra. In the latter case tickets will be subject to an additional handling charge, which is currently €1.40. The ticket-offices open at 8:00h every day.

In this case there is no guarantee of availability, as tickets may sell out through the other sales channels.

These admission tickets are only valid for one day, the day on which they are purchased.

For tickets bought by direct sale the date or time of the visit cannot be changed, nor can the ticket be cancelled.

Payment methods:

  • In cash: Only at ticket offices.
  • By credit card: Only at the automatic ticket machines situated near the ticket offices. Virtual cards are not accepted and purchasers must enter their PIN (Personal Identification Number). Tickets bought in this way are subject to a handling charge, which is currently 1.40 euros.